The Giver

The Giver written by Lois Lowry in 1993, a novel about a young boy named Jonas who lives under a lot of rules and regulations in an ideal society. Jonas is chosen to be the new Receiver of Memory for his community when he turns twelve. Even before his training, Jonas is unusually thoughtful, expresses great concern for his friends and family, and thinks it would be nice to be closer to other people. After his training begins, Jonas’s universe widens dramatically. His new awareness of strong emotions, beautiful colours, and great suffering makes him extremely passionate about the world around him and the welfare of the people he loves, though on the whole he remains level-headed and thoughtful. There are many negative and positive aspects of living in a society like Jonas’. The community has a high level of safety and a good education system. But on the other hand there is no personal freedom to choose your own destiny, and there is little to no speech.

Jonas’ community has a high level of safety and it is nearly to get hurt badly. In the society that Jonas lives in it is practically impossible to hurt yourself, there is never and bad accidents when someone is killed or even just broken a bone. This is a good thing because pain isn’t a good thing and it is better off no one ever experiences it. In the novel Jonas says “I thought that slamming my fingers in the door or falling off my bike and scraping my knees was pain”, When Jonas thought pain was falling off his bike or slamming his fingers in the door was pain, he then thought again when the giver transmitted the memory of the broken leg, Jonas then knew what real pain was.

In the Giver everyone is given a proper education in which they learn a lot and will help them succeed in their job. In the Giver everyone is giver a proper education in which will prepare them for the job that they are chosen to do. Jonas is chosen to be the receiver which is a very prestige job; the chief elder mentions how Jonas is...