The Future of India

We no longer discuss the future of India. We say the future is India" said the Indian Commerce and Industry Minister at the conference organized by the US-India Business Council in 2004. He predicted that India would certainly have achieved 100 % literacy, become a developed country, enjoy the same fundamentals as the United States by 2030. Clearly, many politicians and journalists have some problems with the stats! Let's go to the specifics!

The population of India attains 1,100 million in 2004. It would grow to 1,450 million in 2030. The global GNI accounts for 675 $Billion in 2004. According to an optimistic hypothesis, the India GNI would attain 4,760 $Billion in 2030 (Compared to 18,000 in China). Sure, India will be a great power but certainly not a super power. In fact, India is afflicted by over population, great poverty , and a constant risk of religious violence. We think that the influence of religion is the main cause of these problems.

According to our diagnosis, a massive investment in education is the key medicine that we must propose. Firstly, Education is the only way to favor family planning acceptance. Secondly, only mass education can alleviate poverty in getting a higher growth rate. Thirdly, education is the only way to appease religious conflicts which are increasing in the region.

The region is not peaceful. With the growing muslim population in India, religious conflicts can occur. We cannot consider this fact with benign neglect: India and Pakistan have built up a military nuclear power: In this context, the Western countries must support the friendly democracy of India. It should be the best demonstration that the world war against Islamism is not a clash of civilizations or a clash between the riches and the poor's. It will prove that it is the war of the united civilizations against a single barbarism.