The Flaw in Equating Survival and Happiness

James Williams

The Flaw in Equating Survival and Happiness
In Why Homosexuality is Abnormal, the author Michael Levin concludes that the misuse of body parts concerning homosexuality will eventually lead to unhappiness. Unhappiness; as defined by Levin in homosexuality terms is based on the use of body parts, so the lack of such rightful usage of one’s own body parts will lead to one’s own unhappiness. He also states that one of the rewards of the heterosexuals is natural descendants. Another one of Levin’s premises is that even if society starts to accept homosexuality he states that homosexuals will still be unhappy, and that there would still be self-punishment for homosexuals and this will override any happiness.
Levin makes it very evident that one of the purposes of the penis is to introduce semen to the vagina; which he states that it will lead to happiness. He even goes on to say that it was “selected in” because of this purpose; so it appears that Levin employs Darwin’s Theory of Natural Selection for the bases of his argument and uses it to support his argument that it will bring unhappiness to misuse a body part. Consequently, I argue that Levin’s argument is faulty because it is based on Darwin’s Theory; in which it was used incorrectly, and also the vagueness of his use of the term unhappiness and how it correlates to homosexuals.
The reasons why his argument is invalid is because it’s based off of the “misuse” of Darwin’s Theory of Natural Selection, and he also tries to equate the misuse of body parts with unhappiness while using the Theory of Natural Selection as his arguments foundation. A simple definition can make it very clear why Levin’s argument should not incorporate the Theory of Natural Selection as its foundation.
The definition of Natural Selection is the process by which traits become more or less common in a population due to consistent effects upon the survival or reproduction of their bearers; it is in fact the key...