I Like Flawed Characters Because Somewhere in Them I See More of the Truth.

`Nicolas Cage said, “I like flawed characters because somewhere in them I see more of the truth.” Everyone has their flaws. It is just the way of human nature. This quotation means that weakness and imperfection in characters help us to better understand those characters and go deep in them. This quotation is valid, because we learn from our faults and in the same way we understand a character precisely that has flaws. John Steinbeck and William Shakespeare are two writers whose work of fiction and plays undeniably support this critical lens.
A great weakness which everyone shares is the greed for money. “Greed can destroy innocence; it is a root of all evil,” is an ongoing theme that can relate to the world around us. Everyone dreams of a life of wealth and no worries about what will be their next meal and when it will be served. As well as supporting their family’s education, health and necessities throughout their lives and their future’s so that they can live a better life than their parents. The pearl gave Kino hope of promise, delight, guarantee of the future, comfort, security, “poultice against illness,” “wall against insult,” and “closed the door on hunger.”
Kino's investment of spiritual value in a pearl, an object of material wealth, may be misguided from the start. The pearl is a simple and beautiful object of nature. Once it becomes entangled with notions of material value, however, it becomes destructive and dangerous.
Juana and Juan Tomás both suspect that Kino is wrong to try to get more for the pearl than the dealers offer, and Juana tries several times to discard the pearl, believing it to be the source of her family's troubles. However, Kino remains narrow minded and thinks of the pearl as an opportunity for his son to get an education and, “...break out of the pot that holds us in.” Before Kino had found the “Pearl of the World” the doctor refuses to treat Coyotito's stung on his shoulder. He claims himself as a doctor, not a veterinarian....