The Features Lead to Success


            Success is not as far as it seems as long as a person has the features such as foreeeing, being courageous and   being determined. There are really very   successful people   in history one of whom is Mustafa Kemal Atatürk. Because he was vey good at foreseeing , being courageous and being determined , Mustafa Kemal Atatürk didn’t become only a very   successful person , but also he became one of the most successful leaders in history.

            Foreseeing is one of the most important features   that lead to success, because if somebody has a foresight , overcoming the obstacles becomes easier due to taking precuations on the right time because of foreseeing. Moreover it leads to settle the correct strategies and   foresee   the future and plan it. Atatürk as a far-sighted leader set a high value on women and gave   Turkish women equal rights and oppurtunities. The new civil code which was adopted in 1926 on the initiative of Atatürk abolished polygamy and recognized the equal rights of women in divorce   and inheritance. Because Atatürk gave Turkish women the same oppurtunities as men including political rights , in the middle of 1930s   18 women were elected to the national parliament. In 1934   Turkish Republic had the world’s first supreme court of justice. If it is thought that women had these rights in   Switzerland in   1972 , there is no doubt that Atatürk is the most far-sighted leader in the world.

Being courageous is also as important as foreseeing.   Atatürk’s courage is indisputable. When he was commanding 19 th infantry division, he moved his troops to Conkbayırı in Çanakkale without waiting approval from higher   headquartes . This was a very big risky move.   If he had lost,   that would have caused a defeat in that area   and he would have been accused of this situation.   However he was very courageous man and in anticipation of main attcak occuring in that area he rallied his troops and encouraged them by saying...