The Evaluation of the Cell Phone

The Evaluation of the Cell Phone
Lisa S Zoechbauer (Dixon)
American Military University

The cellular phone has been around actual for about 70 years, but commercially the cell phone have been around for 40 years.   The last about 20 years the cell phone has become a permanent fixture in many consumers lives. The cell phone has made the ability to keep in contact with not only family, friends, but now it’s become almost a necessity for any business.   The cell phone is constantly changing and becoming better and better, while remaining very functional. Then the cell phone evolved for many to the smart phone. There are many factors that overall influence the demand and the supply for “smart phone”.  
Many jobs, schools, and families rely on the smart phone for to be able to remain in communication with one another, while a businesses use the smart phone to fix, process, and ship orders.   The smart phone has changed the way certain people conduct business. It has allowed for people to be more accessible and available. With the many features of the new smart phones many corporations are ensuring that all their employee are linked in with one another and that one factor has greatly influenced the demand.   I am in the Army stationed in Washington D.C.   My organization issued everyone “Black Berry” smart phones because if something happens that prevents us from coming to the office we can “telework”; which means that we would forward our desk phones to the cell phone and also are outlook email is synced to the smart phone so we take emails and calls as if we are at our desk.   The US Army has a contract with Black Berry and that gave them a solid source of revenue preventing it from becoming bankrupt since I phone and Android hit the market.   When the cell phone first hit the market, it was very expensive, big, and not very practical.   The first commercial cell phone cost over $1000, weighted about 9 pounds, you had to charge it for ten...