The Enga Culture

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  The Enga Culture
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In this paper, we try to focus on the Enga people of New Guinea. In this paper, we try to focus and identify on their Kinship, Social Org, economy, and social change. Throughout this research paper, we have learned that the primary mode of subsistence (how a culture makes a living) impacts many other aspects of cultural behavior and has been an effective way to organize thoughts and studies about culture.

The Enga Culture

Thesis Statement
      Enga tribe is horticultural and a "paritineal" line. The line of descent comes from the male’s side and is bought by bride wealth.

      The Enga culture is a part of the Horticultural. There is a variety of aspects that will be discussed, such as kinship organizations, social organizations, gender relations and the wars and crops throughout the tribe members. This will cover a large span of time from ancient times to the way of life for current Enga tribe. This should explain the culture of the Enga tribe for a better understanding of how they live. However, Enga is also considered being the land that they all live in records show that the Enga tribes date back no further than 1806, but have likely been present in this area for a very lot longer than that. The data that have been collected is a good source of information; however, it is only for a short time period. Ecological studies show most of the information was from the recall of older tribe members and has little weight (Wohlt, P.B. 2004).

      The initial Enga tribe was located north and east of the southern highlands in rugged terrain of Panguna, New Guinea. There are several thousand communities located in the country. They have stayed in this area all of their lives. This providence is approximately the size of California, about 462,840 sq km (US Department of State, 2010, October 8, Geography). The...