The Electronic Mail Concept

The electronic mail concept was develop in the year 1972 by a man called Ray Tomlison this was as a result of fast developing world of Information Technology because as society develops, men's need increase as well. The above-mensioned person developed the first program that will enable you receive and send message electronically.
TCP/IP CONCEPT: this concept was developed by Victon Cert and his friend Robert Kahn because of problem of control on data transmission since power without control can be fatal.
WORLD WIDE WEB CONECEPT: it was by a man called Tim Berners-lee who designed a programme for storing information. He called the programme ENQUIRE. (which is not the same thing Internet.
WHAT IS INTERNET? The word Internet is a global connection of millions of computer in a single network, which allowes people to share information like programmes, data, pictures, video and music as well as storage disk.
WHAT IS WORLD WIDE WEB? This a collection of multimedia document and files (documents and files that use multiple method, I.e. Data, sounds, pictures). These documents and files are connected with hyperlinks.
WHAT IS HYPERLINKS?: hyperlinks are those highlighted texts and thumbnails on a web page, which are usually understand. Hyperlinks connects all the multimedia documents and files of all computers on the Internet in a spider web manner. This hyperlinks is that word which when you move to it, it changes the mouse pointer to finger sign.
WHAT IS ELECTRONIC COMMERCE? This is the act of buying and selling through the internet facilitied by immediate payment using credit card. Though internet was not meant to be all that commercial but the introduction of the www haa made it to be so.
WHAT IS THE MAGIC BEHINDETHE WWW? Two software programmes make it possible to work. The web browser software that run on your computer and the web server software that run on the web server. The browser software request information from the web server and displays it on your...