External/Internal Factors of Mcdonalds

External/Internal Factors

External/Internal Factors Affecting Management Functions
McDonalds is a multi-million dollar corporation that opened its doors in 1955.   It is known worldwide and is now in 122 countries with over 22,500 restaurants throughout. To create the successful business that McDonalds has created, there is an excellent foundation of planning, organizing, leading and controlling. These are the four functions of management. However, there are many factors that affect these four functions. They are affected by internal and external factors. They are also affected by globalization, technology, innovation, diversity and ethics.   The McDonalds management teams use delegation to deal with the different factors to control the four functions of management on a daily business to keep McDonalds successfully running.  
Internal factors that would affect the four functions of management are production methods, technical knowledge, and skill levels of employees.   If production methods are not clean, healthy and free of contaminants, customers could become ill, forcing a shutdown until health inspections have been passed.   If employees and management are not knowledgeable of the technologies used, the cost of fixing errors could raise financial goals and lower production goals.   The skill levels of employees need to fit the company’s expectations by the bare minimum or the training could become costly.
External factors that would affect the four functions of management are competition, customer behavior, economy, technology changes, and government interference.   Competition could lower their prices below McDonald’s prices and offer better sales.   Customer behavior could be the choices that customers make between McDonald’s and another fast-food organization.   The state of the economy as a whole could affect the purchasing decisions of the customers and affect the sales goals from one time to the next.   Technology changes almost daily and may not be...