Building Relationships

Homework Sheet 1

1. Explain how best a support worker can develop a relationship with their client.
A support worker can effectively develop a healthy working relationship with their client by initially laying down ground rules and boundaries, whilst maintaining these boundaries throughout. From my experience, if you approach your client with a non-judgemental attitude, are honest, committed and display resilience, reliability and mutual respect, a trusting stable working relationship will soon develop.

2. What is your understanding of ‘empathy’?
I believe that empathy is understanding/being aware of other people’s feelings by putting yourself in their place. I also believe that if you are more ‘in touch’ with your own feelings and emotions you are more likely to empathise with others or show compassion. Empathy can be shown verbally or physically, i.e. a hug. Empathy is not only shown in a negative/sympathetic form but also positive, for example, feelings of success, accomplishment, achievement or pride.

3. What are the ‘objective goals’ that a support worker uses to guide their residents – and the process you would use?
My understanding of an ‘objective goal’ is a proposed or anticipated plan to achieve within a proposed time span. I believe that an objective goal within our work setting must be realistic, tangible and accomplishable. The process that I would use to achieve any goal with my clients would be a Personal Development Plan, this would enable me to monitor the developments in obtaining the goal, evaluating how the goal was met and a conclusion on the task and if needed a re-evaluation of the plan.

4. Define your belief to healthy resident relationship and support worker?

A relationship of any kind is a long-term association or connection between two or           more people. It is important that keyworker and client form a close, healthy
working relationship to enable the client to...