Belonging Plus Related

Belonging is a multilayered universal concept that all humans experience individually through many different ways, it can come in forms such as duality and it can be seen as a way of connecting to others and a way to avoid alienation. A sense of belonging can emerge from connections with a group, culture, experience and the larger world. The idea of belonging is that we must meet a certain criteria or fit a particular mould. However, as oppose to belonging we must take into account the idea of not belonging as the consequence of the choice to not belong or- non acceptance prevent belonging. There are many barriers in the concept of belonging which is explored in the poems “Migrant Hostel and “10 Mary Street” and in the film ‘Fight Club’.
In Peter Skrzynecki’s “Migrant Hostel” the theme of belonging is portrayed in a sense that for some people, in this case immigrants, have the strong desire to congregate with people from the same community-this notion can be justified in “like a homing pigeon circling to get   its bearings”. The simile in ‘Like’ and the idea of a pigeon circling to get its bearings represents people’s constant need to find ones kind or home. Also, “Recognised by accents” states a sense of belonging with the same people as they are able to identify their culture from their accents.
In stanza one, “No one kept count” and “Arrivals of newcomers in busloads” imply the vast population of immigrants brought to an unfamiliar society. This also implies the disorganised chaotic experience. “That left us wondering/who will be coming next” also shows they remain powerless and directionless as the ambiguity grows upon them. Also the use of first person plural “us” positions the reader as a confidant.  
Throughout the analysis of ’10 Mary St’ it can be compiled that the family in the   poem is struggling to fit in new land and at same time experiencing dilemma‘s which violates their urge to keep their Polish heritage, evident in finding a connection with...