The Civil Rights Movement

History Essay
  A) The civil rights movement
In the decade of 1960’s, America underwent massive social changes. When one thinks of the 1960’s, the psychedelic lifestyle, civil rights movement of blacks and the British invasion runs in one’s mind. Integration of all these factors played a great role in shaping the American society (Hall, 2006). The civil human rights process for the blacks had been running for almost hundred years when it struck attention in the 1960’s. In the sixties, the civil rights for the blacks picked up to higher heights from the 50’s, which was the cause of movements in 60’s.
The civil rights of the African-American movement (1955-1968) were a social movement in America which its main mandate was to outlaw racial discrimination against the blacks in America and bring voting rights back to them (Malka, 2007). The rise of the black power movement which took place between the years 1966 to 1975 expanded the themes of the civil rights movement to foresee economic, racial dignity and the political self-sufficiency to be put in place. This movement was faced with major challenges of civil resistance (Lawrence, 2008).
In the year 1955 to 1968, there were nonviolent protesters and much civil disobedience which lead to crisis cases between political analysts and the government authorities. The state, federal, local government, communities and businesses had to respond to the situation that had made the African Americans to face those inequities (Marlantes, 2010). Some of the protest or the civil disobedience included the boycotts like the Montgomery B Boycott which took place in Alabama (1955-1956), sit-ins, like the influential Greensboro in North Carolina in 1960, marches like the Selma to Montgomery in Alabama (1965) and a variety of other nonviolent cases (Lawrence, 2008).
The campaign for social justice was launched in 1964 in Belfast. The organization joined in the struggle for good housing and ending the employment discrimination. The...