Civil Rights Movement

Zekeriya Demir
History 104-A
Wendy L Wall
Melissa Madera
Paper #2

Civil Rights Movement
Anne Moody was born in 1940, as a black girl of a black family. Like many others, her family was very poor. They were living in small houses, they were living in bad conditions, and they only had money to get some clothes and some food. Since they were black, they did not have rights as whites. Harvard Sitkoff mentioned in his essay [1] that, starting from 1940s - at the same time with Anne’s birth- economic growth of American economy was unbelievable. Besides economical improvement, earnings of black people in America are also increased. Black people started to gain power and money. They started to educate them selves. They started to get wealthier. Most importantly they also started to think about racism and their rights which are going to cause the Civil Rights Movement. If history of the Civil Rights Movement and Moody’s life would combined, it can be observed that they both grown up in the same way. Briefly, in 1940, Anne Moody was born and by the new economic order, rights of the civil became an important issue. As Anne grown, she realized the segregation between whites and African American, she experienced many things which helped her to become conscious, to understand how to behave, how to struggle, how to be successful, what is right and what is wrong, when to talk and when to be quiet such as poverty of black people, insensible death of blacks, taciturnity of blacks, white supremacy, limitation of black being a black girl, being involved in Civil Rights Movement. On the other hand, many people became conscious about segregation and civil rights in the same way.
In the book “of Age in Mississippi”[2] it is written that when Anne is a child, after her mother is divorcing from her father they are moving to Centreville and there for the first time she figures out relationships between African-Americans.   Her mother is pregnant from a guy called Raymond who has a...