The Church Concept of Education from a Philosophical Perspective


      The Issue of the church increasing its role in education in Jamaica is one that several Gleaner writers have touched heavily upon recently. It is a known fact that the church has played a very significant role in the education system in Jamaica for over two hundred days but is such a call justified? Can traditional education eradicate the many challenges confronting the Jamaican Education System? The purpose of this paper is to highlight and discuss whether the influence of the church in education in Jamaica should be expanded from a philosophical perspective. The paper will present a brief history of the church’s concept of education and the new philosophies of education that have emerged. It will seek to explore these various concepts and try to adequately answer the questions raised.


      Bellanfante (2010), in an article in the newspaper called for the church to take back education. In the article, he highlights that, there is increasing incidence of indiscipline, crime and violence in our schools. He also suggest that students, teachers and administrators lack ethical and spiritual values and declare the church as a moral authority that can fill this vacuum. The writer, also cites, Michael Burke, Historian, “Due to declining value and crime, there is a need for the church to influence school life.” In another newspaper article, Hunter (2011), declares “We must take back our schools.” She quotes Charles H. Dufour, “The Jamaican education system needs to be transformed and historically, Catholic sponsored schools have been recognized for character formation and academic excellence.” These articles call for the church to expand its role in education, suggesting that the church’s concept of education can alleviate the many problems that are afflicting our education system.

Literature Review

      Research in this area highlights the church’s concept of education from a historical perspective and from a philosophical...