The China Coin

Belonging is not only being considered in term of experience, and ideas about identity, relationships, acceptance and understanding butit also deal with rejection and alienation where people feel excluded. The novel The China Coin by Allan Baillie, clearly explores the concept of belonging through the characterisation of Leah and her identity have been challenged by the relationships with other people, places, groups, communities and the larger world.   Similarly in “ImmigrantChronicle” by Peter Skrzynecki, the composer is confused and struggle to find out about his cultural identity. These concepts also evoke on “We are going” poem by Kath Walker. It demonstrates the loss of identity and suffering the aboriginals experienced at the time of European colonization
At the beginning of the China Coin, we can see the relationship between Leah and her mother, Joan is really tensed. “Here I am about to be sold into slavery ‘’, “ I have been kidnapped by an evil aunt”.   The used of words “evil aunt” as ametaphor and“Joan” in 3 rd person techniques create the negative feeling andthe distance between Leah & her moher. Leah’s internal monologues are allowing the readers to both analyse Leah’s perspective and to be part of her mind. It is also reflecting how Leah does thinks of her mom and how does she feel being alienated by China.
The feeling of alienation toward her mom also been hightlighted when Leah return to the hotel after loss Joan in the street by protesting students and result in a huge argument. “should have left you in Chatswood’ ‘why didn’t you? I didn’t ask to come! Its your rotten China!’ .   Leah’s involuntary to be “ take there” struggling to accept her Chinese heritage.By the use of dialogue, the author show the frustration and fear of   Joan toward Lead and the audience can see again a big difference from both Joan and Leahthrough their interaction. It reveals Leah’s rejection about the idea of finding her long lost family.
In “immigrant chronicle”...