Belonging means the involvement in a place, person or something etc.

The sense of belonging are influenced by many aspects, which means a individual change by many person , place , country,social or historical circumstances, its affect our lives.   In the novel "china coin " which is we learnt this term showing a very clear example of belonging of   a   individual connecting to a place , social ,culture and the wider global concern   of freedom and democracy , it is never change during the novel progress. And the poet oodgeroo examines the large group of people belonging to a place and under a impact of cultural indentity. In the poem   we are going   it shows the perspective of the australian aboriginal in the context of euopean colonisation.

The china coin showing many concepts of belonging in individual,   the change of the feeing of belonging are during the trip of   leah in china. The negative belonging to the new country are from the beginning of the novel . But at the end of the novel " welcome to join our family." showing the belonging can change during the time and the place , its not constantly.

Belonging to a place is not only about the culture background.   In the poem "we are going"   , spirtually significant for the aboriginal australian are destroyed, they think they are not belong belonging to the place they lived thousands years anymore, because the emotional feeling are never backup again. It   showing a sence of isolation of   them land. But the ralationship of aboriginal australian and european are effect by social , it also changes in time ,   in the beginning of european came to australian the aboriginal have a lots of rule which is not fair, thats way the poet wrote the poet "we are goining " but during the time and social changing the belonging of aboriginal people are changing as well.

Our identity is related to cultural context , its based on where we were born , what language   we   speak ,   when your culture identity...