The Causes of Childhood Obesity

Three common causes of childhood obesity were examined in this causal argument paper. Throughout my research I found that the most common causes of childhood obesity are the child’s environment, genetics, and socioeconomical factors. I analyzed many journal articles to determine details of each cause, from low income to unstable environmental patterns. As an opposing argument, each cause was addressed from the opposite sides position. Addressing how others may respond to my response. I concluded that in order to lessen childhood obesity in the United States, healthy implications, such as healthy eating and exercise, should be made in order for a child to have a healthy lifestyle.

The Causes of Obesity in Children
Obesity is a continuously growing problem that occurs when an individual is over the normal weight of their age group. Recently, childhood obesity has dominated, becoming known for the most cases in the United States. Blank Children’s Hospital stated, “Today, about one in three American kids and teens are overweight or obese; nearly triple the rate in 1963.” (UnityPoint Health, 2014) There are many factors that contribute to childhood obesity, but the main factors would be environments, genetics, and economics.
A standout amongst the most contributing components in childhood obesity is the environment children are put in. “Prevalence Obedience in the United States” stated that obesity rates were found to be higher when children were more prone to larger meal portions, fast food, and limited physical exercise. Blank Children’s Hospital recently did a study on McDonald’s and Wendy’s fast food commercials concluding that they affect children’s fast food likeness a great deal. Many fast food companies have started using tactics such as exploiting toys to draw children’s attention. Even advertising their larger portion sizes, inevitably allowing children to ingest twice as many calories as they normally would without getting any proper...