Childhood Obesity in America

Childhood Obesity in America
Jane Smith
GEN 499: General Education Capstone
Instructor: CT Rowley
May 21, 2012

Childhood Obesity in America
There is a growing concern for children in America and obesity. With today’s generation of processed foods, fast food, and technology that keeps kids from being physically active we are seeing an increase of children who are overweight or obese. As a parent of a child who is on the edge of becoming overweight, I have decided to reach this epidemic and find the root of the problem and hopefully a solution. Let’s first look into how we have come to this problem with our children and then we will look at some solutions and ideas to help our children on a path back to a healthy weight.
You are what you eat, or so I have been told. If this is true, what are our children? Sugar filled, processed, and high calorie counts are the ingredients in most pre-packaged foods. Of course these are easier to grab and eat than let’s say preparing a healthy fruit salad. With the rise of working mothers came the generation of prepackaged meals like TV dinners and frozen entrees. I am just as guilty as anyone else for preparing these meals and serving them to my children.
Have you notice the portion increase when eating out at a restaurant or fast food joint? It seems like over the past couple years what we used to consider a medium size is now the small size and what used to be the large size is now the medium? Children are usually taught to finish what is put on their plate but when you have bigger meals at a restaurant this becomes a problem. Years ago there were no “super-size” or “king-size” options when ordering or buying food. Why do you think that manufactures today think we need so much food? It makes me really start to believe that the scenario from the animated picture “Wall-E” could come true.
If you go to the grocery store and walk down the snack isle, or should I say isles, you would be amazed of all the products aimed...