The Cause of the English Civil War

People say that the English civil war was caused by religious disagreements but are they right? That's the question I ask my self and that's why I decided to find out. The English Civil War has many causes but the personality of Charles I must be counted as one of the major reasons. . His most famous opponent in this war was Oliver Cromwell. I will talk about some reasons why the English civil war might have been caused for an example: if it was because of religion or if it was because the people were against the king's laws and his decisions towards the country.

Another major influence in the outbreak of the civil war was when Charles married Henrietta Maria, a French Catholic without consulting the parliament. Although Charles didn't choose to marry her - his father, James, set up the marriage, people were not happy about this especially the Puritans, didn't like having a Catholic as Queen because they thought the he would change England to a catholic country. This might have caused the civil war in England due to the fact that England was mostly a Protestant country and did not accept anyone to change that.

He made many changes to the Church. Most of these changes involved changing the Church and bringing back robes for priests, statues and stained-glass windows. He did all of this as a first step to making England a catholic country. This might have caused the war because the people in England were Protestants and so they believed that the church is a place to pray and be able to communicate with god not a place to be decorated in anyway.

The paragraphs above are linked. This is because they are both about religion and about how Charles wanted to change people's religion. These two causes together are very big reasons why this civil war might have started. This is because religion is a very important thing in everyone's lives and for Charles to try and change their religion is a very big deal and it will not only affect him towards the people but also...