The Cause of Change

People are hard to improve their knowledge under the oppression especially they don’t know they are oppressed. In Steinbeck’s novel, The Pearl, the fisher mans who live in a small village have never get the opportunity to overcome the strength of the oppression around them. Because their ancestors were all oppressed and ignorance. From generation to generation, the oppression adheres to these weak people intensively. Kino is one of these people who endure the most serious oppression. But Kino is changed after he discovered the worthy pearl. He not only finds out that the oppression surround to him, but also attempts to escape from the oppression. During this process, he learns some knowledge and gets rid of ignorance.
Many powerful people oppressed Kino since he has born. His life seems full of liberty, but the powerful people lock him in the cage that set up by their oppression. The evil doctor is one of these powerful people. The doctor deprives others right in order to acquire their own benefit. Kino is a hero who is trying to escape from this cage. When the doctor points out that his son’s blue eyelid is a symbol of disease. “The poison has gone inward and it will strike soon”(P31) doctor said. He is hesitating first, but finally full of anger accepts. Kino’s ignorance pulls him back to that cage and still oppress by the doctor.
Actually Kino’s power have already increase accompany by the precious pearl, so it pushes him to the edge of cage again. Some pearl buyers trick and oppress him by state an absurd price for his pearl. Now he realizes that maybe the pearl buyers also tricked him before. He never got a rational price for his pearls even they were not very precious. But this time, he resists the oppression which mean refuses to sell the pearl to them. He is changed of knowing the trickery from these pearl buyers. Kino doesn’t lost any benefits and the oppression from these powerful people become smaller and smaller.
The oppression to Kino is also...