The Case Study of Dgl International

The case study of DGL International will show several forms of leadership which the major factor will be one of the employees John Terrill and his actions toward the leadership styles. This activity report also will then come to a decision that which leadership approach should be used. The main point of this activity report will be by analyzing the leadership style and then analyzing the styles which by John Terrill implemented and should implement in order to become successful in his job position.

Part A

Knowing that there are different leadership approaches and these leadership approaches will help John Terrill conclude the best clarification for all the problems in the company. DGL international is a company of refinery equipment. This company hired John Terrill to definitely manage its technical services department. Shortly after John Terrill was hired the top managers of the department informed him about the problems they currently have been experiencing in that department. The top managers believe that the engineers were still the least useful division in the company. Soon after get-together with the personnel Mr. Terrill has understands that the major problem was that they require writing reports in more than one request. Once the problem was noticed, Mr. Terrill has told the engineers to directly send all the reports to his office for him to go thru first before the company’s headquarters gets them.

Mr. Terrill is trying to show the top managers have writing reports frequently it is just a waste of time and paper. He also is trying to help himself with the engineers to create some changes in report procedures. While doing this Terrill is also building a relationship with them and determining trust, so together they can concentrate on the increasing the production of the sales engineering division. While analyzing John Terrill’s decision I have notice that he is used the leadership theories established in his studies. The styles definitely helped...