The Calbony Scene

Act 2, Scene 2.
The scene takes place in the Capulet house, more precisely in Juliet’s balcony. Romeo after climbing all the way up through the orchids to visit Juliet, he sees her on the window; he is astonished by his beauty, romantically saying “Juliet is the sun”, describing her falling in love. Romantic, cute and faithful best describes Romeo Montague who would do anything to be with Juliet, while Juliet Capulet young beautiful and innocent but smart lady, that wishes Romeo could change his name “Deny thy father and refuse the name”   always very aware of what can happen if they see her with his only love Romeo.
This young love story by William Shakespeare is complicated. The Capulet’s and the Montague’s are two noble families of Verona, who have been feuding for a long time. This makes Romeo and Juliet secret love, dangerous but passionate. The set describes how Romeo climbs all the way to Juliet’s balcony, this show how there is no only moral barriers but physical barriers as well, but it also shows that sometimes there are no barriers for love. Lovely story, intense, passionate, dangerous and very romantic.
Romeo’s language in the play is amorous and passionate. He starts describing Juliet saying: “Juliet is the sun” Shakespeare uses metaphor to portray Juliet’s beauty, making her unique, exceptional, warm, “the sun” without it you can’t live, is the brightest thing, Romeo illustrate Juliet as   the most wonderful lady in the entire planet. Romeo keeps admiring Juliet later in the scene “O, speak again, bright angel!”   Romeo says Juliet is an angel, meaning perfection meaning that is more important than any other person, he enlighten Juliet exclaiming she is excellence, brilliance she is everything, a “winged messenger from heaven” he declares amorous. Again Shakespeare uses metaphor in this quotation. Romeo believes Juliet is his, “It is my lady,O, it is my love”, believes his owns her, being possessive, He sounds very...