Intercultural Barriers in Film

Intercultural Barriers in the Film “Crash”
Teresa Falkner
October 9, 2010
Claudia Owens

Intercultural communication happens when two or more individuals from different cultural backgrounds communicate. This process of listening and responding to people from a different cultural background can be a challenging process.   The greater the difference of these cultures increases the potential or opportunity for miscommunication, misunderstanding, or mistrust (Beebe, Beebe, & Redmond, 2011). The purpose of this paper is to explore the cultural diversity and barriers to intercultural communication and in the highly acclaimed film “Crash”.
The film “Crash” was written by Paul Haggis, Bobby Moresco, and Robert Moresco.   “Crash” received 54 awards, including the Academy Award for Best Picture and Best Original Screenplay in 2006.   The film chronicles the lives of several different characters from many different walks of life.   There is a District Attorney, Rick Cabot and his wife, Jean; a police detective Graham Waters and his partner / girlfriend, Ria; an African American producer, Cameron Thayer and his wife, Christine; an embittered police officer, John Ryan and his partner, Tom Hansen; a Persian shop owner, Farhad and his daughter, Dorri; along with several other characters whose individual stories are told as they lead up to an automobile crash on the interstate that affects each of them (Deming, 2010).  
In a perfect world we would not experience any intercultural communication barriers; each person would respect the other regardless of race, color, gender, belief system, size, or shape. Unfortunately in the real world, perfection is far outweighed by each person’s faults. The film “Crash” brings to the surface several of the stereotypes and prejudices that occur in society on a daily basis. The characters in the film are the personification of the best and the worst of our reactions to other human beings.  
This film is full of intercultural...