The Big Sleep Ending

“The Big Sleep”   -   Is Marlowe a Knight

Throughout the book “The Big Sleep” , the author Raymond Chandler often portrays Marlowe in knight-like way, his character is one who is constantly risks his life in pursuit of justice and truth in loyal service to his lord despite sexual and financial temptation and threats of physical harm. He quit being a cop because he thought that they were corrupt and unjust towards the general public, this shows that he has strong morals and feels that he has a responsibility to help protect the citizens of LA. These points alone don’t make him a knight, so what does? What is a “knight” in modern terms, and how does it apply to Marlowe?

Knights have been around since the middle ages, they were soldiers who fought for their country and who have been recognized by their king for their bravery and experience in battle and courtesy to his fellow people. If you were to have the title “knight” you were expected to have not only the strength and skills to face combat but was also expected to suppress their aggressive side and replace it with a chivalrous side which was a moral system which went over and beyond rules of combat and so the concept of Chivalrous conduct came about. So, how would you describe a knight in todays world? In the past knights were expected to abide by the code of chivalry, that is not so anymore. Today a knight is someone who shows bravery, courtesy, honour, polite, and shows respect for women no matter the situation may be.

Marlowe makes an honest living as a private detective who is hired to investigate a blackmailing attempt on General Sternwood. Although Marlowe is attractive to women, he is not inclined to take advantage of that attraction, and he remains mostly respectful towards women “Come on, Let's be nice. Let's get dressed” 1, that is except for blondes “you have to hold your teeth clamped around Hollywood to keep from chewing on stray blondes” 2. Marlowe is a man of many talents, he is tough and...