Hard Boiled Detective Fiction. Example Essay

Hardboiled detective fiction is a dark and violent genre, one that explores corruption, decadency and temptation . The texts “The Big Sleep”, “Kiss Me Deadly” and “Sin City” all comment on reflect the world that is bound by a new foundation crime , and the breakdown of the institutional machine due to a growing concern of the increase of crime and despair in post modern day society
Raymond Chandlers Novel The Big Sleep
Set in the great depression Honesty and morality is a virtue for the single hero of the novel Phillip Marlowe, who is a private investigator . “I was everything the well dressed detective ought to be. I was calling on four million dollars.
Marlowes hero like characteristics are connected to society itself. The world in which Marlowe lives in is fuelled by crime, corruption and desire. Greed sets the bar for this society, Marlowe’s actions reflect just how he is a hero during this time. ‘I charge 25 bucks an hour plus expenses” Marlowe is a man who makes fun of the rich “The entrance doors would have let in a troop of Indian elephants”
Nationwide, America is facing prohibition, corruption at some of the highest levels and an overwhelming influctuation of crime in America. “Knights had no meaning in this game, it wasn’t a game for knights” The knight is a motif, used throughout the novel, Marlowe is the classic detective, however, knightly figures have no room in the modern day world, thus he has created a modern day hero, but not a knight for glory and the woman, Marlowe reflects what this world needs, Marlowe is the ideal hero for this world

With every good detective novel, there always the Fem Fatale. Our lady of temptation is none other than Carmen Sternwood, and lesser her sister Vivian Regan. “Neither of them has any more moral sense then a cat” Coming from their own father, “Carmen is a child who likes to pull the wings off flies” ‘Vivian is spoiled, exacting, smart and quite ruthless”
Carmen and Vivian are examples of the type of girls...