The Attempted Assasination of Theodore Roosevelt

10th Grade Literature
1 February 2010
The Attempted Assassination of TheodoreRoosevelt
Theodore Roosevelt was born to a wealthy family on October 27th 1858.He was an
unhealthy child suffering from asthma who stayed a t home studying natural history. Regardless
of his physical weakness he lead a strenuous life. He later attended Harvard where he was
active in boxing. after graduating from Harvard he wrote his first historical book The Naval War
of 1812.
After a few years of living in the Badlands Roosevelt returned to New York City where he gained fame for fighting against police corruption. He was
effectively running the US naval Department when the Spanish American war broke out, he
resigned his position as police commissioner and led a small regiment known as The Rough
Riders. While fighting in this war he was nominated for the Medal of Honor After the war he
returned to New York and was elected Governor; two years later he
elected Vice President of the United States serving under President William McKinley, until
McKinley was assassinated in 1901.
John Flammang Schrank was born in Bavaria. He and his family emigrated to
America when he was 3. His parents died soon after arriving in America, his uncle a new York
tavern owner and landlord took him in and taught him how to operate the tavern. Upon their
deaths Schrank,s aunt and uncle left him all their valuable properties, from which it was
expected he could live a quiet and peaceful life. But Shrank was heartbroken now having lost
not only his second set of parents but his first and only girlfriend Emily Ziegler, had died in the
General Slocum disaster on New York’s East River.
In 1912 the Republican Party was in a serious split between the conservative wing
under President William Howard Taft and the liberal reform wing under ex-President Theodore
Roosevelt. After a bitter confrontation at the e republican convention, Taft won...