Roosevelt & Wilson

Roosevelt & Wilson: Two Progressives
November 5, 2013

In 1912 came a great presidential race, with both nominees adopting the Progressive ideology.   Even though Theodore Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson were Progressives the attitude of each differed somewhat in theory.   This was during the time of a great change in the United States with many reforms and two presidents who make their presence known with the many great changes given to Americans in business as well as social.
In all my reading and research I view Roosevelt as a wild, powerful, and uncertain "Rough Rider" which he was taught by his father after a sickly childhood.   Woodrow on the other hand was a religious, idealistic traditionalist standing his ground, probably coming from his religious mother and father the preacher.   This gave Wilson the balance set of morality he withheld until death.   With the examination of domestic doctrines by Theodore Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson, I come to the realization that both varied greatly but they were both sufficient leaders in making modern America.  
Although both these men obtained two different approaches at Progressivism they both acquired the same goal in America, being changes to America in the best for the people and country itself.   This goal left Roosevelt to be for the common man where Wilson achieved the image of the “better progressive”.   Both of these men achieved much in the office but with powerful stories behind them which is the next discussion starting with Theodore Roosevelt who was the 26th President but in 1912 his term will expire which is a downfall.
In the interest of national durability, Roosevelt would resume conservative ways of McKinley until 1902, when the campaign to regulate corporate interests and protect the interest of the average citizen was raised. Roosevelt knowing this was a risky move was in belief that the votes of the common man served as more political power than political machines. This meant he was at a vision of...