The Apprentice

Evelina Sundin SM1A
The Apprentice
Main characters:
The main characters are Leslie and Pattie. Leslie is a boy around nineteen years old and he works as a plumber. He is described as an good looking guy with dark hair and with a pink, healthy, young looking face. He is wearing blue working clothes and a grey cap.
I get the impression that Pattie Lancester is a quite wealthy, coveted girl. Because Leslie seems so devoted to her. She is described as very beautiful and she seems kind and down to earth.
She’s got blonde hair and blue eyes, she waers a blue and white dress, blue stockings and low heeled shoes.
The story begins with Leslie walking down the pavements thinking of Pattie which he has a date with later that night.
He is on his work and therefor he’s carrying a porcelain toilet. He stops at a bridge to catch his breath when he suddenly sees Pattie comming towards him. He doesn’t want her to see him like this, carrying toilet. So he throws the toilet in the water.
What he doesn’t know is that Pattie saw him before he saw her. And she saw him throw the toilet into the river.
While she was walking towards him she thought of the hideous clothes her mother had forced her to wear. She really didn’t want him to see her in that outfit. But it was to late to walk away, he had already seen her.
When they met they both were a little bit ashamed of themselves. But they greeted and talked for a while.
The funny part of this history is that they both were so concerned about their own act that they didn’t noticed nor cared what the other one was either wearing or carrying. Just because they fancied eachother so much.
I really liked this story writter be Malachi Whitaker. I thought it was a really cute tale and that you could relate with the characters. Especially the part about when you fancy someone you don’t care about what the other one wears or looks because your to busy worrying abou your own appearance and what the person will think...