The American Dream

American Cultures
Assignment One
American Dream

Topic One
What is the extended definition of the American Dream? There are countless aspects to it, but one general idea: the ideal life. It is making a lot of money, being respected, and triumphing difficult situations. Many have pursued the American Dream, but only a few have been fortunate to make it all the way.
One very good example of the American Dream is Andrew Carnegie, the founder of what is known as U.S. Steel. Carnegie was born in Scotland to a poor family. As a teen, he emigrated from Scotland to the United States. He was portrayed as a hard working individual who was very intelligent and disciplined. He took it upon himself to read and learn as much as he could.  
He went from being a poor boy from Scotland to the second richest man in America. He had plenty of initiative and persevered throughout his life to become what he wanted to be. He retired as one of the most respected men in the world, and he will be in history books forever as one accomplished the American Dream. He was polite, educated, wealthy, intelligent, respected, and perceptive. Andrew Carnegie lived the American Dream. This still holds true today, as many immigrants come to the United States for better, more successful life. This is what the states were founded upon, and, hopefully, will never die out. Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness is what people struggle to strive for daily. Overcoming obstacles, becoming someone no one else is. Everyone dreams of getting the American Dream.

Topic Two
What constitutes an American? My sister always says, "The only reason you're American is because you happened to be squeezed out of a vagina in San Francisco or any other American City”. Perhaps it's a rather crude saying, but there seems to be some truth behind it. Growing up I was always under the impression that when your born in America, English is your first language and you know more about America then...