Tewwg Compare and Contrast

Taylor Williamson
Allison Morway
ENGL 1102
April 11, 2016
In the novel “Their Eyes Were Watching God”, Janie never really knew the feeling of real and passionate love so she experiences two wrongs to finally meet her Mr. Right. Her first marriage was arranged to an older man, Logan Killicks. The marriage was arranged by Janie’s own grandmother, who felt that she was doing what was best for her granddaughter. Logan doesn’t bring happiness to Janie’s life. She definitely does not love him enough to even be married to him. Janie is well-kept and had youthful beauty, while her husband is the complete opposite. Janie states, “…His belly is too big too, now, is toenails look lak mule foots. And ‘tain’t nothin’ in de way of him washin’ his feet every evenin’ before he come tuh bed. ‘Tain’t nothin’ tuh hinder him ‘cause Ah places de water for him. Ah’d ruther be shot wid tasks tan turn over in de bed and stir up de air whilst he is in dere. He don’t even never mention nothin’ pretty.” (Hurston 28) Janie feels that Logan doesn’t realize her significance so she leaves Logan to run off and elope with a man named Joe Starks. Joe is an attractive man with a lot of confidence, which lead to Janie’s attraction. Little does she know, he is possessive and dominant. Logan demands, “You behind a plow! You ain’t got no mo’ business wid uh plow than uh hog wid uh holiday! You ain’t got no business cuttin’ up no seed p’taters neither. A pretty doll-baby lak you is made to sit on de front porch and rock and fan yo’self and eat p’taters dat other folks plant just special for you.” (Hurston 34) Even though Janie admires him, she thinks that too much of a good thing can quickly fade away, which it did. Joe dies and Janie starts working a store, where she meets her third husband, Vergible “Tea Cake” Woods. Tea Cake has a very down-to-earth and caring personality and youthful looks, which Janie loves. The narrator states, “…He looked like the love thoughts of women. He could be a bee to...