Danna Scott
      BUS 119

      Since Club IT is a brand new club, I was more than happy to take a look at what it had to offer, first-hand.   At the owner’s request, I spent an evening enjoying the club and its amenities and I was pleasantly pleased.   My visit allowed me to better assess where their business was headed, and what else could be done to bring the clientele and crowds in.
      The club is located in the Washington, DC area and has lots of competition in terms of club.   However this club, has several amenities that other clubs do not have that make it much more appealing to the market.   It is located within a few blocks from three transfer stops on the subway so it easily accessible to many, there is a wide variety of music including live music, and it has a roof deck that people will enjoy using when the weather permits.
      During my meeting, I will explain to the owners the ways that technology will improve and increase their business.   The anticipated target area for their club should be no more than about a 30 mile radius from them, mostly working professionals with a target demographic between 30 and 45. This will give them a large range of working professional’s right in their area.
      Living in the Washington, DC area all my life, I have seen plenty of clubs come and go. Clubs that are targeted for ages 18-30, in the wrong neighborhoods, are usually closed down after less than a year. This is mostly due to complaints of disorderly conduct, crime, and noise disturbances. The older age demographic, in combination with a neighborhood that has a low crime rate and older professionals looking for a place to unwind, can be a prime time establishment.
      The unique layout of the club will allow for a large number of specialty uses for a lot of different types of acts to come in the club must have the software as well as hardware to make it happen. From projecters and screens to speaker and...