Terrorism Report: How Intelligence Failure Contributed to 9/11 Occurring

Terrorism Report: How Intelligence Failure Contributed to 9/11 Occurring


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Tracing back to 1941 when Japan attacked the famous Pearl Harbor, Americans enjoyed peace and all forms of stability till the 9/11 attack. Unfortunately, this happens to be one of the worst attacks to occur on the soil of the Super powers. Once more the States are fooled by an in-coming terrorism act that cause massive loss of life and property destroyed within Washington DC and New York. Besides, the attack instigates occurrence of two wars. On 11th of September 2011, a group of extremists of Islamic origin (Al-Qaeda) led by Osama Laden succeed in their mission of attacking the USA. This follows their success in 1998 when they bombed duo embassies in Kenya and Tanzania, which belonged to the United States (Attacks, 2004).
The nation formed several groups to investigate on the causes of the attack. After thorough findings, the outcome was obvious. Despite the fact that the key reasons for it to occur were several, hick-ups among the intelligence agencies played a significant role in providing a positive and favorable environment for the terrorists to accomplish their mission (Lieberthal, 2009). In it is report, the National Commission on Terrorist Attacks (2004) reveals that the intelligence agencies failed in their duty. In addition, according to the commission, the enemies relied on some other factors that made their mission a success. This research paper aims at some of the factors that favored the terrorists basing on four main sections. These are the structure of the terrorists, their ideologies behind the act, the shell state scenario, and the sources of their financial muscles.
Structure of the terrorists
This refers to the mode of organization that the al-Qaeda used in terms of command and control among themselves in meeting their objectives and missions. Al-Qaeda is a group of Islamic extremists that...