Television and Video Games

Television and Video Games: Are they connected to childhood obesity?
Laura Carranza
October 6, 2011
Nancy Justiss

Television and Video Games: Are they connected to childhood obesity?
Children in today’s society are obese because of the increased use of television watching and playing video games, fast food commercials on television, and that   parents do not enforce healthy eating habits for their children. Not all video games are bad; the Wii Fit has been promoting exercise and family togetherness to obese children and adults. One reason children are obese is that children tend to stay inside and play video games and watch television for hours on end, rather than stepping outside and enjoying themselves or exercising. The second reason children in today’s society are becoming more obese than they used to be is because of the fast food commercials that are advertised during their children’s programs, such as commercials for a Mc Donald’s happy meal. The final reason for obesity in children is that children’s parents have focus on their own lives, such as working to support their family and are not able to provide or encourage healthy eating habits for their children. Even though video games can be a negative influence for children to sit and play video games all day there are some video games that do have the benefit of exercise.
Childhood Obesity Increased Because of Television and Video Games
Childhood obesity has increased in today’s society because of the increased amount of time that children watch television and play video games each day. Research directed by the Annenberg Public Policy Center and the Kaiser Family Foundation established that children spend, on average, three to four hours per day watching television. When other “screen media,” such as videogames and computers, are factored into media use time, the number climbs...