Video Game Violence

Anthony Hayek
Professor Wynzel
20 March 2009

Putting An End to Violence: Video Games and Television

If we could share one thing in life, rather than money, I bet we would all wish for peace on Earth. Doing so automatically is probably impossible, but by starting off on the right foot, our nations youth, we can strive to preserve our nations safe future. In today's society , television shows and video games have become a part of most children and teenagers daily routine. Fictional or not, these shows and games take up more time in young people's lives than their parents do. I for one never beleived that technology was the reason our youth is being corrupted. I normally would blame it on the parents. However, in the past decade violence on television and video games skyrocketed, along with terribly negetive statistics reguarding young adults. Coincedence? I think not. By diminishing the intake of violence that kids today are being poisoned by, we can ultimatly live in peace and harmony, and quiet.
You can sit there and tell yourself that this handsome man speaking to me right now is crazy, but the only thing crazy I'm about to tell you are the cold hard undeniable facts supporting why the television and video games are an infectious disease eating away at our souls. According to the Television Violence Monitoring Program, 61% of televison shows involve some sort of violence. 75% of violent scenes feature no immediate punishment of the wrong doing that was commited , obviously setting the wrong example.
They also did a study reguarding families with school-age children. The results concluded that   74% of families with school-age children own video game equipment, and school-age children play video games an average of 53 minutes per day. Parents are less likely to supervise their children's use of video games than they are to supervise their use of television. While 88% of parents report regularly supervising their children's use of television,...