Technology and Social Changes

Technology and Social Change

Jacky Ngon A Yassi


Monday July 11, 2016
Mary James

Technology and Social Change

One of our best well-known scientists, Albert Einstein, quoted “It has become appallingly obvious that our technology have exceeded our humanity” that was credited in a 1995 movie called “Powder”. It is no secret that the advancement of technology is drastically increasing in a rate where it is almost impossible to keep up with. Many individuals believe that it is slowly taking our attention away to what is really valuable in our lives, while others strongly considering that it will bring us together and provide cost-effective solutions to our everyday life and industry field. Social change refers to a modification or adjustment in the social order of the society (Schaeffer 2015, p.392). This can be influenced by any traumatic event that took place, culture of the society, and even the geographical location. Technology alone does not cause social change, but it is highly characterized related in different aspect of society across the world. It is inevitable to escape from social change because the society is continuously advancing in order to extend human capabilities by the use of different tools, equipment, and innovative software. The Pace of Technology, magazine article by Ron Johnston, states “Much of innovation is stimulated by the identification of new needs, which drives a search for new or existing technologies that can be adapted to meet that need.” Computer technology became one of the top essential needs following the cellular phones. It is utilized for gathering information, faster communication, and the nature of its flexible use. The society is hungry for anything that will make life just a tad bit easier with technologies ever increasing power. People can now communicate with family and friends by the use of e-mail as oppose to sending a letter out in the mail that require a few days before it reaches its destination....