Technologies Not Only Influence but Actually Determine Social Customs and Ethics.

The statement claims that technology plays an essential role in influencing
and determining social customs and ethics. It is agreeable that thanks to the maturation
of technology, people enjoy all the convenience brought by it. Apart from its impact
on the public's behaviors, technology has rooted in people's thoughts, minds, and even
morality as well.

    The purpose of technology lies in ensuring a better life. With this in mind,
mobile phone makes people's communication handy and efficient; the internet gives
people a sophisticated access, which allows them to do bussiness, interact with people,
and absorb knowledge in a quicker and more effective way. The development of technology
has also caused a enormous change to the society. The conversation on the phone
already takes place of visiting people directly. People nowadays tend to send emails
instead of writing letters to their friends.  

    While people's physical life is benefited by the advancement of technology,
it takes a great control over people's hearts as well. (whether conscious or not)
When downloading files from the internet turns into a simple double-click step,
everyone will merely have a recondite idea about the
significance of respecting an author's property of intelligence/ intellectual property/copyright.
(What's worse,/ what's worse is that...) Furthermore, people sometimes may even
commit a cyber crime without noticing it, such as downloading a song from an illegal website.      

    Some may argue that though technologies lead people to a world which is
distinct to the old times, people's moral behaviors and thoughts are determined by
their own personality, and can not simply be influenced by technology. Nonetheless,
take on-line dating for instance, more youngsters are fond of chatting and meeting
new friends on the internet. They consider going out with a date whom they meet
through certain websites a common and acceptable way of finding their...