Technological Advancements in Communication

Technological Advancements in Communication
Jordan Miller
XCOM 285
February 25th, 2011
Alisa Jackson

Technological Advancements in Communication
    The technological communication advancements discussed in the article, ‘Superhero in the Cubicle’, were IBM Lotus Connections by Big Blue, Smartsheet from, Web 2.0 Mashup Server software by Kapow Technology, and Near Time, and Confulence form Atlassian used by John Hopkins University students.
    IBM Lotus Connections and Near-Time share similarities in enabling the users to blog, wiki, and mashup because these collaborative Web technology tools are equipped with the social computing abilities.   These advanced technological tools are both easy to install, without any IT assistance, and inexpensive.   Near-Time allows users to sort out the information source and develop new informal channels; in contrast, IBM Lotus Connections does not allow users the same information sorting and creating functions.   Making use of these advanced technological tools for wiki, store and retrieve data, and blogging seems practical and beneficial at my workplace; however, my job does not always need these highly developed technological devices to accomplish the work goals.
    Although the present business environment adapts to the rapidly changing settings, the technological advancements in communication mentioned in the article follow traditional business communications.   According to the article, it is evident that these advanced communication tools are present in current business environments.   Numerous businesses seemingly do not utilize many of the tools mentioned in the article that would be required to operate everyday business activities.   Perhaps, many businesses, small and big, still consider these advanced tools as the novel commodities.   In addition, some companies may still consider these collaborative tools as high maintenance products because the employees may need to spend extra time to become...