Technological Advancements in Communications

Technological Advancements in Communications                                                                         1

Technological Advancements in Communications
Brenda Mask
XCOM 285/ Essentials in Managerial Communication
April 27, 2012
Alisa Jackson

Technological Advancements in Communication                                                                 2
    Some of the technological advancements discussed in this article are Big Blue, which is one central file where employees can put all their receipts, messages, e-mails, and instant messages. Sometimes it is necessary for employees to use their own money to help solve a problem and they do not have enough time to put an order in, they can file their paperwork in this file and it makes it much easier for the employer to reimburse them. Another advancement that is discussed is a new type of spreadsheet from This technology helps companies that have dealings with other companies that speak in different languages. This type of technology helps companies translate their work into the language that the other company speaks.
    Most of these new technologies are not suitable for all companies, they have to be researched and see if they are right for their type of work. If you do not research the new type of technology to see if it is right for the type of work your company does then you will be doing more work than is necessary. I have not had much experience with communications in the type of work I have done, but if I were going into business I would think about using both the system from Big Blue and I am planning on going into business for myself, but I am not planning on doing anything international but with all type of people coming to this country to live and work I think the system from would come in handy for the people who are still learning the new language.
    With new technology coming out almost every day, you need to research all of...