Teaching Report

Teaching Report 08.10.2015

Before I would welcome new students in to my class room, I would decide on the arrangement of the students’ desks. There are many choices that would be available to use, and the desk configuration can determine how a lesson is presented and how the class behaviour is managed. For me I would have it in a U-shape configuration, so all desks point to a central spot in the class room. The reason for this arrangement would be that it would support frequent whole-group discussions as students would be able to see each other and myself all at the same time. No one would be able to hide in the back of the class and avoid participation, so even the shyest student would be drawn in. Since this arrangement promotes eye contact and a clear passage for me to move freely it would help class behaviour, it will help see everyone’s actions and I would be able to resolve any conflicts or discipline issues. Students are unable to hide and therefore may be encouraged to behave themselves.
As I would have spoken to or enrolled the student within the class I am about to teach. I would/ should have a file on the student or the student would have made me aware of any issues that they may have in my class. I would make sure not to disadvantage them, by making sure I had read up on any conditions they have or issues they experience. I would make sure that I the knowledge need so that they would succeed in my class just like any other student would. It about make sure that I am promoting equality and diversity within my class room environment.   This would also show that I would be meeting the individual learning needs of my students.  
The first task I would set the class would be an ice breaker to get everyone comfortable and relaxed with each other.   It helps break the ice for all the students and helps break that awkward silence that there is at the start of a new term.
This is now were I would split the group into small groups. I would give each student a...