School Food

Junk Food in Schools
Junk food has taken over many of the schools in the United States, the fattest country in the world, with very negative effects.   Willow Glen, for example, is one of the schools that have turned over to the “Junk Food Dark Side.” In the United States, the youth, in general, are all plagued with obesity and health problems.   Eliminating junk foods in schools can project a positive mentality for students to excel socially, academically, and healthfully.
There I was waiting in line with 20 other students in front of the student store, decorated with walls of historical allusions of the time of Aztecs.
“Pop!” goes the potato chip bags as many receive their Hot Cheeetos, Doritos, Lays, and a dozen of others variety of chips that the school sells.   I patiently wait in line.   Observing the heads in front of me, I start to see mischief by other students cutting in line.   The “nanny,” who makes sure no one cuts, catches them and sends them to OCS.   Uncivilized acts by students are evident.   Almost waiting for the whole lunch period, I finally get in front.   I enter the room, racks of chips, candies, and doughnuts are all organized in sections.   Sodas are stored in refrigerators that are seen at Walgreen’s, Safeway, and Albertsons.   As I place my dollar on the table for a pack of gummy bears, a realization came to my head.   All the things they sell here, “Are they even good for me?”  
In America, children who are obese relatively start at an early age.   If elementary schools, for example, keep selling junk food to children, many students will become habitually addicted and reliant on these comestibles.   As obese children get older, they are at risk of many internal issues such as depression and loss of self-confidence.   Knowing that media highly emphasizes on the idealism of figures for both males and females, whom who maybe not fit in these “perfect” images where one must be skinny in order to look good will become discouraged.   Obesity, unhealthy...