Teaching Assistant Assignment 4

                    ASSIGNMENT 4

  1) Explain the legal responsibilities of the school relating to the duty of care and the welfare of the child?

There are a multitude of laws and guidance in place to help protect children relating to the duty of care, health and wellbeing. These policies   aim to protect children from the harm of child abuse,neglect,inadequate resources,family/parenting problems and effects of poverty.
All adults working within a children's or young persons sector has the responsibility to protect them and follow the guidelines outlined in child protection laws. In the children act 1989 it's outlined that the welfare of the child is paramount,this act gives guidelines for schools,local authorities and courts which they must adhere to in order to protect children.
Within a school there should be a designated senior member of staff with specific responsibilities for child protection,they will also be aware of which children are on the child protection register and any other agencies involved with the child. The designated person should know the boundaries of confidentiality and full training in relation to child protection enabling them to give advice and guide other colleagues when needed who are unfamiliar with the child protection process . Guidelines recommend each designated person should ensure that all child protection procedures are being followed at all times within the school,they are also responsible for ensuring that all employed school staff and volunteers are aware of the schools internal procedures, to   advise staff and offer support. All allegations should be taken seriously and the child involved should be told that the information cannot be kept confidential and must be passed on the designated staff member.   It is vital that any staff member immediately makes a written report of the conversation.   They must include dates, times, names of the people involved, nature of abuse and if any injuries have been seen.   The designated...