Teaching Assistant Assignment 2

Assignment Two
One) The are two categories of emotional aspects of learning these are known as personal skills and interpersonal skills. this help categories the 5 broad social and emotional aspects of learning. these are as follows;
Self awareness. this is the ability to have an understanding of what they feel and what they think. Next we have Managing feelings. This is the ability to recognise and accept feelings. in a classroom situation it may to Stop and think about their actions and the consequences that follow. Thirdly, we have Motivation. this is the ability students have to take and enthusiastic approach to learning. then the last two aspects are Empathy and social skills. Empathy is the ability see things from another's point of view and makes it easy to reconcile after disagreements and social skills being the ability to communicate and negotiate helping to resolve differences and works well in a group.
Two)the first way is by providing care and support. this can be achieved by helping the students with a task and take part on educational visits. this helps the teachers and builds a bond with the students. this brings me to my second method which is to build a healthy relationship with the students. this can be done by showing an interest in the students and by greeting them by name or with the additional help of a one-to-one. the One-to-one helps helps provide encouragement and this is the next method. Being encouragement & comfort this comes from written comments on work or helping with hand washing and dressing students after P.E who struggle or need help with laces. similar to this we have encouragement with co-operation. this is specific too group work and it comes from myself helping with the group by providing information or encouraging this quiet to speak up and support their ideas so they felt heard. Lastly we have taking care of accidents and ailments as it helps reduce the likelihood of illness and I can give reassurance or first aid if...