Teacher's Reflection

A Teacher’s Reflection
By: Yhpar Gnaba

Teaching is not just a job; it is more than a job. This is one of my realizations as a novice teacher in the Department of Education. Indeed, being a class adviser in a public secondary school is not that easy. There were lot of problems and challenges I faced that really test my capability, my teaching prowess as well as my personality as a whole. The first task that really challenged me a lot was the “Search for Most Innovative Classroom”. That contest really stressed me out to the highest level. Yes, as in to the highest level, because I have to think well on how to innovate and change the structure of the classroom that will make it more conducive for learning (because that is the very reason why the school implemented the contest) at the same time will attract the evaluators so that our classroom will be included to Top 15 for Category A. In fact, I even lost my phone during the preparation and structuring of the room. I spent my own personal money for that contest. But it does not stop me to continue doing my task. We (my students and I) sacrificed our weekend just to work and accomplish the task. However, our efforts were all paid-off when our classroom was adjudged as 9th Runner-up over 45 classrooms. It was truly a Job Well Done for me and my students, even though we were not able to grab the title. Another taxing task to me is handling different learners with diverse background and personalities. I know of course that handling diverse learners really entails your commitment, dedication, passion, patience and personhood, because every learner has his/her own potential and needs and it is our accountability and responsibility as a teacher to do our very best out of our creativity and resourcefulness to unleash those potentials presence in our learners as well as identify their needs so we can help them. Beyond doubt, that is very tough, but to God be all the glory and highest honor I have survived the one school...