Tda3.12 Displays

TDA 2.13 Provide Displays in Schools
      1.1 Describe the school policy for displays The Display policy for the school I work in is to provide high standard displays that reflect the work of children of all abilities. To provide displays that support current topics and work. The school aims that the school should be filled with excellent examples of the children’s work, and show a wide range of work from the curriculum. Each class are given a board that they are to mount a display in the school entrance and on corridors.   At the moment we have Maths work in our corridor. All art work should be double mounted to make the presentation of the work exciting. The teachers are responsible for their classrooms displays with the teaching assistants being directed in the mounting of the displays. Also teachers are to be responsible for making sure the displays are kept up to date and changed regularly. All staff will provide children’s work for the shared areas and a rota is kept to ensure all will participate. The displays are to make the school an exciting, happy and welcoming place for children, staff and visitors. The children’s work   must have no corrections by teachers on and the labelling must be to a high standard and clear for everybody to read.
      1.2 Describe the importance and purposes of displays in the school. It is important to be very clear on what your particular display will be used for as there are many different purposes .Showing children’s work to others are important for children’s self-esteem so they can see what they have achieved. Presenting information is important to show children, parents and staff these are usually in entrance hall, lobby outside staffroom or six form. As a learning source these are to enhance children’s learning experience by showing topic based information. To celebrate diversity in the school by showing a range of cultural events such as Christmas, Easter, Diwali, and Eid. Displays are there also to give children and...