Requirements Report Yr 12 Ipt

3.2 Requirements Report!
3.2 Requirements Report!

The user/s (Terry) needs to have knowledge of the original system and how he wishes to file his videos. E.g. categories such as genres, ratings, name or release date(s). Terry needs to be aware of the functions of the new hardware and software being installed to his store. My I.T team needs to be aware of the locations and styles which Terry is suitable with and if the system can be easily used and understood by Terry. Terry needs to know how to use all equipment such as the 2 computers, barcode scanner, Broadband connection and the I.T team needs to ensure that all components are functioning properly before put to use. This will allow Terry to be able to access and use his newly installed database without confusion or complications and customers will be able to hire quickly and efficiently with minimal fuss.
The information that will need to be used includes a variety of software and hardware applications. Software includes the database itself which stores personal details of the customers for contact purposes, as well as information of the video being hired i.e. how many copies are in the store and the hire price. These functions will be performed with the assistance of the barcode reader/scanner and the computers within the store. Other information that will be used is that of internet connection which will allow Terry to keep track of which videos are popular and/or new in order to keep a sustainable store rating and to help keep the business running. The budget plan is also there to help the I.T & Terry to keep track of what needs maintenance, how much it will cost to repair and to help Terry keep track of his sales.
Hardware |     * Computer (x2) {2GB RAM}   * Barcode Scanner   * Printer   * Videos (store product)   * Wi-Fi Connection Modem   * Mouse   * Hard-Drive (external)   * Keyboard |
Software | MICROSOFT OFFICE:   * Word   * Access   * ExcelOTHER:...