Age | Social, Emotional & Behavioural development |
1-3 Months |     * Babies of this age will begin to develop smile when content.   * The baby will feel comforted by a familiar adult   * Babies respond positively to touch & the sound of familiar voices. |
6 months |     * Babies at this age can become anxious when you move out of her range of sight.   * The baby will cry if they are unhappy or smile & gurgle when they are content.   * The baby recognises and prefers to be with familiar people. |
9 Months |     * The baby will start to enjoys attention & being around other babies.   * The child may soothe him/herself with familiar toy or thumb sucking   * The child’s emotional expressions are increased to include fear and sadness |
12-18months |     * Babies at this age need comfort and reassurance from parents/carers   * The baby will be afraid of being apart from parent/carer and cry when they see parent/carer leave.   * Babies begin to show negative emotions & may start resisting naps, certain foods etc. |
2-3 years |     * The child may show extreme behaviour - dependent/interdependent, very aggressive/calm, and helpful/stubborn.   * The toddler may get angry when stopped doing something that is unsafe   * Temper tantrums are common and tends to cry, scream, kick, bite and can be rough with other children usually out of frustration. |
4 years |     * The child needs parent for support and reassurance.   * Enjoys being the centre of attention showing off new skills.   * Can still demonstrate stubbornness, aggression, kicking, biting for attention or out of frustration. |
5 years |     * The child starts to become protective and kind towards parents, younger child or pet   * The child is becoming less frustrated and less angry   * The is becoming more independent and can be serious and realistic at times |
6 years |     * Children start to show willing to play cooperatively, take turns, and share   * Child of this age may start to...