Tattoos in teens and young adults
In this discussion I will tell you generally why teens and young adults in America today are getting tattoos and what people may think of it. Whether it is good thinking or bad thinking everyone has different opinions in his/her own perspective. I will also tell you why tattoo popularity seems to be growing in America.
Tattoos have become very popular with teens and young adults. Every day those numbers seem to grow by the day. Some of the public and parents believe this is rebellious and deviant behavior, some just believe it is just plan ugly or unprofessional. Some of the reasons for teens and young adults have for getting tattoos is that they say it’s a form of body art, it’s fashionable, it makes a personal statement, it’s a rush, and it’s cool. For some it is a form of rebelling (just because their parents said not to) and for other it fulfills a need to justify social anxiety by avoiding it. And then there are those that get tattoos for the art work. Then you have people from different parts of the world that get tattoos as a part of their heritage or culture people from different cultures stand up for what they believe in and for most of them it’s their culture. They get these tattoos that represent their dedication and strong beliefs they have for their culture and country.
Tattoos are one of the most forms of body art in America today. The tattoo can be small and discrete or large and noticeable. Tattoos are used for a person to express his/her self, to represent a group, or just to attract attention. Every different person has his/her own opinion to why they are getting or have already gotten a certain tattoo. But getting tattoos can also cause allergic reactions, which can occur years after getting the tattoo. Also, People who get tattoos have a high tolerance for pain. Depending on the place in which the tattoo is located will determine how much pain will be involved. Usually the parts of the body that have...