Tattoo Persuasion

Brandon Zarecky
Donna Galati Huls
Formal Paper #2
March 8, 2010
The Controversy of Tattoos
Another issue that could affect placement choice on the body is the professional career. It’s important to think aboutcareer choices. Depending on that specific job, it might not be acceptable to get a tattoo in a visible area such as the neck, face, hands, or so forth. For example, if a college student decides to get a tattoo before going for the big job, there’s a possibility of no longer being eligible for it. Some ideas to keep in mind when avoiding those problems are any types of jobs that may require a shirt and tie or reasonably dressy professional clothes. That’s why it’s often highly recommended to get a first tattoo where a piece of clothing can easily hide it if necessary. Luckily, there is a chance the job is more relaxed and flexible and not too serious about what is required to wear for work.
Annotated Bibliography
This particular source was very helpful in a way to list and explain a lot of the most common pros and cons talked about with tattoos. In this source, it gives information on good reasons for getting them and then also bad reasons as well. Of course, it only lists some, but every little bit helps and helped me with this essay. This list was able to identify most of the positives and negatives when thinking about getting a tattoo.
This source here, by David Tony came to be very helpful when looking for advantages. Whenreading though, it still has disadvantages listed even when the article is called the advantages of tattoos. That’s something that will be read in just about every article on the same topic.
Using this source came to really help me as far as the risks and dangers were concerned. Sarah Freeland does a good job of putting down useful information that involves a lot of the dangers with tattooing. I really liked what all this article had to say on the topic and used very much of its literature.
This source is...