1.________ is the stimulation of one's own genitals for sexual pleasure.
A) Mutual masturbation
B) Masturbation
C) Coitus
D) Fellatio
E) Cunnilingis

2.The ________ believed they were partners with ________ in replenishing the Earth, and thus enacted laws against ________ sexual behavior.
A) Ancient Egyptians, Osiris, same sex
B) Ancient Hebrews, Moses, same sex
C) Medieval Europeans, God, any
D) Ancient Hebrews, God, nonprocreative
E) Ancient Christians, God, nonprocreative

3.________ is a nickname for masturbation that was often used in the past.
A) Sin
B) Spilling of seed
C) Onanism
D) Adamism
E) Hairy palm disease

4.Freud believed that masturbation in adulthood would ______ healthy sexual relationships.
A) complete
B) destroy
C) interfere with
D) spice-up
E) sicken

5.The Vatican document entitled ________ describes masturbation as an "intrinsically and seriously disordered act" and was reaffirmed by ________ in 1993.
A) "Sexuality and Immorality," Pope John Paul II
B) "Sexuality and Immorality," all Christian churches
C) "Declaration on Sexual Ethics," all Christian churches
D) "Declaration on Sexual Ethics," Pope John Paul II
E) "Sinful Sexual Acts," Pope John Paul II

6.The primary danger associated with masturbation is ________
A) the guilt one might feel for engaging in it.
B) the risk for mental illness.
C) the risk of becoming infertile.
D) the guilt of not pleasing others sexually.
E) the risk of other people knowing.

7.The majority of research indicates that approximately ________ of males and _________ of females report having masturbated.
A) 45%, 30%
B) 25%, 5%
C) 15% 30%
D) 60%, 90%
E) 90%, 60%

8.Sexual fantasies are ________
A) specific scenarios depending on gender.
B) thoughts, images, and daydreams of a sexual nature.
C) men in authoritative roles.
D) women in submissive roles.
E) scenarios that could never be done in "real life."
9.Sexual fantasies serve ______ purpose(s).
A) one
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