Tangible and Intellectual Properties Significant to the Music Industry

MP3 technology enables users to download, upload and store much more music than before.   It is now possible for individuals to create virtual libraries of all of their favorite tunes simply by downloading them from the Internet. They can listen to them on portable MP3 players or, directly from their hard drives they can send their files via email to other music fans, or they can upload their files to the Internet for anyone to enjoy.   And because the music is in digital form, each successive copy made of the sound file is of the same quality as its predecessor.   Such duplication is called serial copying (MP3, 2000).
Music executives are trying to prevent illegal downloading of copyrighted material will forever be a dilemma for music executives, the artist themselves and the general public. With the ever changing ways of technology it seems like that music executives not only need to know all the laws that govern and protect the artist and their own respective organizations, but they now also need to be able to keep up with all the new technologies that come out to assist users for illegal downloads of copyrighted material. There are some different ways a music executive can protect the property rights for the organization and the artist.
After the fall of Napster, one of the things that I have discovered that music executives are now trying to enforce is having each internet provider set up a filtering system that would be provided with their service to prevent illegal downloads. With this filtering system a music executive will be able to monitor illegal downloads. Once a situation seems to be getting out of hand the music executive will then send a firm but polite email to the thief and demand to remove the stolen content and CC their host. If the thief continues to download protected material and they don’t respond to the email that the music executive has sent, the music executive will now contact their internet hosting provider directly and notify them of...